Chris Boucher Update

Chris Boucher Update

He was scolded by his biological father in this life is his waste, transformed from a dishwasher into an NBA player! _搜狐体育_搜狐网原标题:被亲生父亲骂这辈子都是废物的他,从洗碗工蜕变成NBA球员 _ Sohu Sports _ Sohu Sports The original title: Scolded by biological father in this life are his waste, transformed from a dishwasher into an NBA player

Scolded by biological father in this life is his waste, transformed from a dishwasher into an NBA player!

Warriors draft vision how

Look at their "Golden State Dynasty" to know


Then from Green to Jordan Bell

There seems to be no "genius"

In fact, the Warriors in the official list of 17 people

(Two-way contract)

There is another person

More worth knowing

Chris Boucher His name is Chris Boucher

(Chris Boucher)

218cm He is 208cm tall

223cm Arm exhibition 223cm

91kg Weight 91kg

281cm Stand touch up to 281cm

 In this year's draft year

Fultz, ball brother

 Already in the eyes of everyone in the "star"

But Chris is different from them

" As a "lost draft"

If it is not a warrior at the last minute

Gave him a two-way contract

I am afraid now that he has long been tired of life

And received the Warriors contract

Chris basked his contract photo on INS

And wrote a sad text

"I used to tell my mom that one day we will not be hungry anymore!"

No basketball family heritage

There is no systematic training

Chris grew up in the slums from childhood

Taste of life sad

When he was 5 years old

His biological father dropped their mother and son

Even against evil Chris

To be blunt, he is a waste

There will be no good news in this life

Ignorant children

Do not understand adult malice

He was young with his mother

In the slums barely survive

Busch in childhood

Always like to play football and ice hockey

Know nothing about basketball

Single-parent family life pressure

One can imagine

After Bouguer grew up sensible

He had to go out to work

To ease the financial pressure at home

16 years old

Chris dropped out of high school

To the restaurant as chef and dishwashing

Make a salary


Because "body talent" was discovered by chance

Only occasional contact with the basketball him

Won an opportunity to play in the league team

And eventually cut 44 let everyone staggering

His fate is because of this competition

Completely changed

Alma Academy saw his performance in the league

Expressed willingness to move Chris in

Let him finish high school

Alma College has helped many people in dire straits finish high school and get basketball scholarships to college

With the help of the college

Chris struggled to get the scholarship

New Mexico Junior College And moved to New Mexico Junior College

The first year he can get averaging 11.8 points and 6.7 rebounds

Because of excellent performance

Plus physical talent

Sophomore Chris received the appreciation of other universities

And successfully transferred to Northwestern University

And in this year

Chris averaged 22.5 points, 11.8 rebounds and 4.7 blocks

Led the team record of 31 wins and 5 losses record

And was named Player of the Year

All the way Cukui rotten performance

Let him again found by basketball scouts

Junior year

He transferred to the University of Oregon

Played a NCAA League

Chris, power forward

Season games can win

11.8 points, 6.1 rebounds and 2.5 blocks

Because of excellent arm exhibition

He has 110 blocked shots a season

Create a history record

Career total blocks 189 times

Also ranked second in learning

Terrifying frame capacity

▼ ▼

Excellent athleticism

▼ ▼

Ghosts flexible pace

▼ ▼

Organizational vision is also first class

▼ ▼

There are outside threats

▼ ▼

This is almost the ball era

Perfect striker candidate

During the University of Oregon

He was elected to the Pacific Twelve School Alliance twice

Best defensive team

With the school team set off around this time

Chris is getting better and better

... He is getting better step by step ...

Match the era and ability of the ball

Add the attitude of hard work

Even without "Heavenly Son"

That's great

But NBA teams will never refuse

Such "people" to join their own team

However, fate is just a joke

The last season in college

He suffered a serious injury of fracture of the cruciate ligament

Miss NCAA crazy March

This makes his draft market fell to the bottom of an instant

At the 2017 NBA Draft

... He has not been selected by either team ...

Filled college for four years

Now 24 years old if you lose this opportunity

I am afraid no chance to enter that stage

But at the last minute

Chris received a "two-way contract" from the Warriors

 The door to the NBA

Not completely closed

Chris has the best chance to fight

 Now the season has started for a long time

 With the same alumni Jordan Bell as Warriors set off more than one

 Although not yet seen Chris's presence

 But extraordinary people believe

 Anyone may give up

 But he alone will not give up

 Hope one day he saw wearing a warrior shirt

 Appeared in the NBA arena

 Never fall down easily!

 Come on!