T-Birds Finish 15th at NJCAA Nationals

T-Birds Finish 15th at NJCAA Nationals


T-Birds Finish 15th at NJCAA Nationals

The NMJC Thunderbird Cross Country team finished up the 2017 season at the NJCAA Championships in Fort Dodge, Iowa.  "It was not the day we were hoping for" said Coach Jeff Becker. "Our top two runners struggled with some health issues during the race and it eventually led to our number two runner not finishing." With the number two runner out the team finished 15th out of the 42 teams.


Individually, the T-Birds brought home one NJCAA All-American (Esther Gitahi- 10th Place) and two Coaches Association All-Americans (Cynthia Kipserem- 20th Place and Sharon Jerono- 29th Place). The top 15 finishers are NJCAA All-Americans, while 16th-40th places receive Coaches Association All-Americans. "Esther struggled, but was able to hold on for 10th place" commented Coach Becker. He added that both Cynthia and Sharon had good meets to receive Coaches Association All-Americans. "Not only did Cynthia run a personal best this year (18:52), but she also moved up from her 75th place finish at nationals last year. Also have an outstanding national meet was Christine Moss who moved up to finish as the teams fifth runner and ran a big personal best of 22:24.


NEXT UP: The team will take Cynthia and Sharon to the NJCAA Half Marathon in Topeka, KS on Saturday, November 18th. This is the third time that NMJC will participate in the NJCAA half marathon.


Team Results

  1. Iowa Central                                           52 points
  2. Central Arizona                                      135 points
  3. Cowley County (KS)                              175 points
  4. Southern Idaho                                     179 points
  5. Allen County (KS)                                  204 points
  6. Colby (KS)                                               227 points
  7. South Plains (TX)                                   288 points
  8. Lansing (MI)                                           292 points
  9. Vincennes (IN)                                       314 points
  10. El Paso (TX)                                             326 points
  11. Trinidad State (CO)                               340 points
  12. Iowa Western                                        371 points
  13. Butler (KS)                                              394 points
  14. Macomb (MI)                                        481 points
  15. New Mexico Junior College                499 points
  16. Mesa (AZ)                                               506 points
  17. Ranger (TX)                                            520 points
  18. Hutchinson (KS)                        521 points
  19. Cuyahoga (OH)                                      529 points
  20. Highland (KS)                                         532 points
  21. – 42- http://wayzatatiming.com/crosscountry/2017/NJCAAD1/#event1

Individual Results

10th                 Esther Gitahi            18:24             All-American

20th                 Cynthia Kipserem    18:52             Coaches Association All-American

29th                 Sharon Jerono         19:07             Coaches Association All-American

238th              Christine Moss         22:24            

280th              Abby Butler              24:00

Full Individual Results- http://wayzatatiming.com/crosscountry/2017/NJCAAD1/#event1